First Visit

From the first visit, we strive to make a child’s dental experience comfortable and informative. Usually, a parent or parents accompany children on their first visit, so it is important that a natural and positive attitude be communicated to the child. With language that is age appropriate, our staff shows the new patient the office and the various tools and equipment that are used to diagnose, treat and prevent dental disease. It is the basis of all that we do in pediatric dentistry: Tell, Show, Do. With gradual introductions, we are able to engender trust and a level of understanding that will hopefully develop into a life-long appreciation for dental care. Our favorite story involves a three year old who, after her first visit, said, “Mommy, that was so much fun I want to have my birthday party there.”

On the first visit, we evaluate your child’s dental health and the need for any further treatment, as well as build a rapport that forms the basis of a positive acceptance of dental care throughout his or her lifetime. While each visit is geared to individual age and comfort level, these are the things we try to accomplish on the first visit:

  • Examine the erupted teeth for cavities and formation defects: examine the gums for signs of infection or systemic disease: examine the entire oral cavity including the airway for abnormalities.
  • Evaluate the overall orthodontic situation with respect to occlusion, skeletal imbalances, and spacing for permanent teeth.
  • Evaluate the impact oral habits may have had on growth and development or decay rate. These habits include baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, and thumb and finger habits.
  • Take x-rays to locate decay, infection, or developmental anomalies.
  • Thoroughly clean the teeth and demonstrate proper home care.
  • Apply topical fluoride is old enough.
  • Review diet and other factors that influence dental health.